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DIY: Talking to Children about Coronavirus or Covid 19

on March 16, 2020

Children may have lots of questions about the Coronavirus or Covid19.  This video offers some easy to do activities that help children learn about and understand  why its important to wash our hands, how make their own virus, and a VIRUS Bingo game that encourages mastery, control and open and honest conversations.

Scroll down or use this link to Rewatch the DIY Hand Washing Song for a fun way to engage children in washing their hands.

I have also included some links to other sources that help trusted adults answer questions, ways for your kids to be a “helper” and some fun family self care practices.

Coronavirus Virus

Explaining Coronavirus to kids and the science of soap

NPR Coronavirus and Parenting: What you need to know

Self care for Families

2 responses to “DIY: Talking to Children about Coronavirus or Covid 19

  1. […] For parents: Activities to explain/understand coronavirus to your kids.Rachel’s graduate school professor, Genevieve Lowry, made a video for parents about some activities to help kids talk about, understand, and express their thoughts and feelings about coronavirus. Watch it here. […]

  2. […] I haven’t written much in quite a while, especially about the pandemic because I haven’t known what to say, because there’s too much to say, and because so many people are already saying so much. For advice on talking with children in a developmentally appropriate way about the pandemic or for activities to support coping in this strange and difficult time, I suggest these blogs and posts from child life specialists Deb Vilas (PediaPlay https://pediaplay.com/), Shani Thornton (Child Life Mommy https://childlifemommy.com/family-activity-to-help-during-covid-19-isolation/), and Genevieve Lowry (DIY: Child Life https://diychildlife.com/2020/03/16/diy-talking-to-children-about-coronavirus-or-covid-19/). […]

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