D.I.Y Child Life

Heat up your hot glue! A website devoted to creating your own teaching dolls and materials


As a child life specialist with over 25 years experience I have made a lot of teaching dolls.  From G-tubes to chest tubes, central line catheters to foley catheters as well as developing and creating coping materials like magic wands and pinwheels using both medical and everyday materials.  I love the process of figuring what to use and how to explain difficult medical conditions, environments, and circumstances to children in ways that are developmentally appropriate, fun, and promote self-esteem, creativity, and coping.

I created this site to share my ideas in hopes that it inspires other child life specialists to think of  innovative, cost effective, and interactive ways to support children facing crisis. Use mine as they are, tweak them to fit your setting and population or if you have an idea to share or you would like me to explore an idea please email me at practicalparentingsolutions@gmail.com and I may post it to my website.

If you would like more information about me or are seeking child life services check out my private practice and consulting at www.practicalparentingsolutions.com.

Thank you for visiting

Genevieve Lowry M.Ed, CCLS, CEIM, Reiki Master

One response to “About

  1. Toni says:

    Great idea Genevieve! I alwasy knew you were the McGuiver of Child Life!! You need to post the anesthesia mask bubble blower…genius!! Toni

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