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G-Tube Button Teaching Doll

on February 16, 2013

Making a doll for a child to keep at bedside or to take home allows them to continue to learn, play, and develop coping strategies in a non threatening environment.  The child is provided the opportunity to become the “expert” of his illness by showing it to siblings, friends or classmates at school.

Materials you need for this D.I.Y project is a doll or stuffed animal, scissors, hot glue gun, and the valve to a beach ball or inner tube.

2 responses to “G-Tube Button Teaching Doll

  1. Jon Luongo says:

    Nice work!!! – Jono, Lionel, and Sabatino

  2. Reblogged this on Child Life Mommy and commented:
    Teaching doll for G-Tube placement.

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